The GarBar

No cars, only bars!

Services Overview

The GarBar provides consulting, design and project management services to home owners wishing to transform their garages into spaces used for entertaining in a way that aligns best with the owners personal interests and overall character. We tailor each project to match the home owners vision while at that same time incorporating a part of the owner’s essence, background and outlook on life into the space, resulting in a warm an authentic environment for friends and family to enjoy.



Contact us for a consultation. We will spend 3 hours going over your property, interviewing home owners and other family members, rummaging through the attic and basement to uncover buried treasures from your life and bring out the character and authenticity that will define your space. It’s and adventure of self exploration and rediscovery. In the end, it will unveil your GarBar.

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We work with our clients to design a space/bar design that best suites their needs and optimizes the fun they can have in their new entertainment venue.


Project Management

After coming up with a design we can fully manage the project from inception to completion, utilizing our resources to source all materials and build out every detail of the new space.